Yesterday, Esinam began the process leading up to surgery at a hospital in Accra which specializes in plastic/reconstructive procedures. 

There is a two week wait for her biopsy’s results and then the date will be set for the main operation.

The woman taking care of Esinam is getting worse, however, so keeping her along with Esinam in your thoughts would also be appreciated! There aren’t enough words for how thankful and grateful Esinam and everyone at New Seed are for everyone’s support.



OK GUYS. In July 2010, I spent about a month in the Volta Region of Ghana. While I was there, I had the chance to spend time at New Seed International, an amazing NGO in the city of Ho. New Seed International provides care and support for people with HIV/AIDS, including a community clinic, an orphanage, and a school.

Esinam, 13, is in the care of New Seed International and she wants to go to school and become a doctor one day, but she needs facial surgery before she can do so. Both of her parents died when she was young, and her grandmother who was taking care of her has recently had a stroke.

Only $130 of her $10,000 goal has been raised in NINE months!

Every dollar helps! And even if you can’t donate, please just reblog this and keep her in your thoughts.

Esinam’s fundraising page:


A video from Esinam:


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